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Bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Plan to Thrive is a course of discovery to help you plan your journey towards a thriving life.

You can do it on your own or join us for a weekend retreat in some beautiful locations around Australia. Go to our events page for the next Plan To Thrive Retreat. (These will hopefully start up again in 2022)

So often we drift through life which can cause: confusion, added expense, lost opportunities, pain, and regret. We think it is important to plan for things like businesses, houses, holidays, and events. What about our life? By creating a life-plan you will clarify your priorities in life, maintain balance, filter opportunities, increase your self-control, improve your physical and mental health, avoid regrets, and open the door to do more than you ever dreamed was possible.

As an added resource you can also purchase a Daily Life Planner, which will help you take your life plan and connect it with your daily actions simply and powerfully.

The 5 modules in this course will not only give you an understanding of what a life plan can do for your life but take you through the process of self-discovery as you learn what it means to thrive on the pathway that is your life. These videos will encourage you to dream again but not pie in the sky sort of dreams. Dreams that are based on your beliefs; your values; your skills; your personality; your passions; and your unique place in the world.

The course comes with a downloadable workbook that you can print off, or you can purchase a Plan to Thrive workbook in the store.

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A course of discovery to help you plan your journey towards a thriving life

CEO’s need a business plan

Coaches need a game plan

Builders need an architectural plan

Pilots need a flight plan

To thrive – YOU need a life plan​

The perfect time to do Plan To Thrive is at the beginning of a new year. to help you along we have an opening sale on options 2 and 3.

option 1

Course with a downloadable workbook

Go through the course on your own and use our downloadable workbook…


option 2

Course with hardcopy workbook

Go through the course on your own with hard copy workbook (collect in store)

$64.95 $54.95

option 3

Course with workbook & daily life planner (Life Planners can be purchase separately from our online store)

Go through the course on your own with workbook and get the Daily Life Planner included.

$94.95  $79.95

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