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Welcome to the first Module in the Eat To Thrive Virtual Coaching Program.

There are 5 lessons in this module making it the longest of all the modules.  The aim of this module is to set you up for success when doing the Spring Clean Protocol.  It will give you some foundational principles, help you set your weight loss goal, show you how to prepare, introduce the EFT tool for helping with cravings and hopefully answer most of the questions you may have before starting.

It is expected that you would make your way through this module before starting on the protocol.  After which you will fill out an intake form that will give us important information so that we can help you on your Eat To Thrive journey. 

Once we receive your intake form in which we receive your proposed starting date, then you will receive emails and the next modules in line with where you are at in the protocol.

You will have four opportunities to talk with myself via phone or zoom.  You will receive a link to book in those appointments with your emails.